Why is Digital X-Ray Better than Traditional X-Rays?

Having x-rays taken is just part of your regular dental appointment, right? After all, x-rays help the dentist identify trouble spots and potential cavities. However, just as technology in photography has changed dramatically over the past two decades, so has the technology surrounding dental x-rays evolved. Today, you’ll want a dentist that has digital dental x-ray equipment in their clinic.

What is a digital dental x-ray?

Similar to a how a digital camera works, digital x-ray equipment bypasses the film and the developing and captures the images of your teeth and jaw on a computer or smart card.

Dentists use x-rays for a number of things. X-rays help to find cavities and allow the dentist to check the health of the tooth root and the bone surrounding it. X-rays are also useful in monitoring the general health of your teeth and jaw.

Advantages of using digital dental x-rays

Why should you care if your dentist uses digital x-ray equipment or more traditional methods? Digital x-rays offer a number of benefits for patients:

For dentists, digital x-rays offer the advantage of being full-screen images that the technician or doctor can zoom in for better visibility. They also make it easier for the dentist’s office to submit insurance paperwork and allow the dentist to superimpose a new image over a previous one so he or she can spot any differences.

The next time you’re shopping for a dentist in Victoria, BC, make sure to ask prospective dentists whether they use digital dental x-rays. Such technology can make a big difference in the quality of care you receive and in your ability to help manage your own dental care.